Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ultrasound appointment

Everything went well yesterday at the ultrasound. Both babies are measuring the same and right on target. All the anatomy looks good and they are both a few oz's shy from being 4lbs. Baby B is still head down and A is breached, though there is still a lot of time for him to turn. Also, my cervix is still shut and no signs of funneling. So far my bedrest/house arrest has not been so bad. I am just glad my Dr. did not put me on strict bedrest. It does feel weird not working and even though today is Tuesday, I am getting confused to what day it is. I woke up thinking it was Wednesday. Since I am off work now, I am able to get stuff done around the house. Today I will be washing some of the babies clothes and organizing the room. It is all coming along. I just need to order my decal from etsy.com (which I LOVE), and get that on the wall. Here are some pics from u/s and the decal we are wanting to put above the dresser.

Here is the decal. Since our walls are blue, we will change the color of the elephant.

Baby A (Jalen) face... those white lines are hair

Baby B (Landon) face... He is a little squished in there.

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April said...

Sounds like everything is going great! Hope you're able to relax and rest before your new little guys arrive!