Saturday, April 25, 2009

31 weeks

I am a few days late with this post, but I have been busy and just exhausted. Jordan's baseball season has started and he will have games every Thursday and Saturday. He looks so cute in his uniform. We are all getting anxious and nervous as the time gets closer and closer. Jeremy and I have realized that we have 7 weeks left before the twins arrive. Hopefully they don't come out soon. We want them to stay put. Dr's goal is to get me to atleast 34 weeks. Yesterday was my appointment for the NST test and they had me all wrapped up with monitors. The nurse had a difficult time trying to get both heartbeats bc both boys were moving around like crazy. We finally got them to stay put and I was hooked up. I had a button to press each time I felt a kick. Supposedly I was having contractions and did not feel them. My Dr. told me last week, that I could be having them, but just not feeling them. He reasured me this is completely normal with twins to have contractions this early. He has put me on bedrest, though it's not strict. He said it more like house arrest. Ummm, to me thats strict. He said if I do leave the house, make sure I am close by and not to walk the mall all day. He told me I can leave to make quick easy errands, but that was it. I have another ultrasound on Monday.

I am feeling pretty well, though it is getting uncomfortable to sleep and I am waking up A LOT to use the restroom. The boys are starting me early with their schedules. :-) Below are some 31 week belly shots. Dr said I am measuring full term.


BBKiddo said...

Yikes, sorry you are on bedrest. You're belly is cute, it just goes straight out. I'll send you *no early labor pixie dust* :)

Julie said...

Measuring full term and you still look great!

Jennifer said...

Lookin' good momma!! Try to take it easy. I know it's easier said than done though!