Monday, April 6, 2009

Baby Shower

This past weekend I had my baby shower and it was a hit! We received a lot of stuff and I am excited that we received some of the big ticket items. The glider my mom purchased is so comfortable I could just fall asleep sitting in it. My Grandma helped us out big time by purchasing both of our carseats to go with the stoller that was also purchased for us. My Aunt Susie and Aunt Julie got us our baby bathtub filled w/ all sorts of goodies and our babies are all set for bath time!

My best friend Jennifer and Julie did a great job hosting the baby shower. I received so many compliments about the decor that Jennifer did. We have received many questions asking us if we had put away the stuff yet and the answer is no. We were so busy this weekend, we just did not have time. Though I do admit walking in there a few times glimpsing at everything and just imagining the babies all snuggled up in their crib. Nursery letters are now finished and painted and just need to be placed on the walls. Jeremy will probably get that done later on in the week or this weekend. Friday I have my Dr's appointment and we are suppose to monitor contractions. Below are some photos from the shower. Jordan made us a diaper cake and my mom helped him put it together, but he picked everything out.


Julie said...

You look wonderful! It looks like you had such a great time. :)

iambellaluna said...

OMG, Sarah you look phenominal! You don't even look pregnant from the front! (Especially in the first two pictures) I wouldn't have ever guessed you were pregnant with twins if you never said anything. I'm so impressed. I can't wait to see your cute little boys! :)

Jennifer said...

You looked great (love the dress, lol)! Hope you had a great time!