Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ultrasound appointment and pics

First off, today is the day where I am in the double digits of my pregnancy. Time is flying by fast! I now have 99 days left! Though that is from my 40 week and we all know Dr. wont let me go until then. Anyways, the u/s went really well. Jalen and Landon were both highly active and at the end of the u/s they were both yawning. She even recorded them and I have them on video on the cd with all the pics. They both weigh 1 lb 14 oz. They are almost 2 lbs! Gosh thats about 4 lbs of baby in my belly and I still have a while to go! No wonder I feel exhausted from walking and climbing stairs.

Jordan was able to attend the u/s and he was so facinated. He said that when they get older he can always tell them that he saw them before they came out of my belly. He has been showing mixed feelings through out the pregnancy. He would be excited and then he has his days when he just wants to be the only child.

Friday I have my Dr's appointment and I am going to see when he wants me to stop working. He said with multiples he usually has his patients on bedrest at 32 weeks if they are not showing any complications. Below are a couple of pics. I added more on facebook and myspace.

Baby B (Landon) profile

Landon's leg and foot

Baby A (Jalen) profile and giving a salute

Jalen's foot on Landon's head... be nice boys!


BBKiddo said...

Wow they look so much more like babies as time goes by! Those arms and legs look nice and healthy. You may have some sports players in there :)

Jennifer said...

They're getting nice and big! That's fantastic -- u/s pictures fascinate me. I could spend the entire day with that wand stuck to my belly just watching them move around!