Thursday, March 12, 2009

25 weeks!

I am now 25 weeks, which means I am in my 6th month! I am only 1 week and 6 days away from being in 3rd trimester!!! Also, I realized this morning that in 13 weeks or less, the babies will be here! Though, I want them to go for atleast 10 more weeks that puts me at 35. This is my Dr's goal and when I make it, he wants to try for 37. He will not allow me to go past 38.

The babies are around 13 1/2 inches and weight a little over a lb. I can't wait for next week when we go in for our ultrasound and see how big they really are. I think I have a playpen in my womb bc there are times where the movement is non-stop and my belly is always moving. They say that Jeremy should be able to hear the heartbeats if you puts his head on my belly. I am going to see if he can hear it yet tonight.

The nursery progress is still going. I got the letters that we are placing on the wall spelling out their names and are ready to be painted. This weekend we are painting Jordan's room so he can have a new room like the babies. Jeremy and I want to make sure that he is also involved with this pregnancy and get him ready to be a big brother. We dont want him to feel left out or as if he is being replaced.

I am looking foward to see everyone on April 4th for the shower. I know my sister and best friend has been working hard and are wanting this to be a perfect shower for me. I love them both!


BBKiddo said...

What a great SMILF you are! J can't hear the baby's heartbeat but he says it sounds like someones swiming in there. I hope your J enjoys it too :)

Julie said...

Yay for a shower on the 4th! Are you registered anywhere?

What did you decide for both names? (Maybe I missed that)

Sarah said...

Oh, I am a great SMILF! :-)

Julie- BRU and Target. Names are Jalen Lee and Landon Ross.