Monday, March 9, 2009

Belly shot and nursery sneek peek

As promised, I have pics of the belly and the nursery. Clearly we just got the painting done and cribs put together. The bedding line is Dwell Studio from Target. I need to add the bumper still, but have to lower the mattress first.

Here is belly at 24w2d...

Crib #1 and #2

Here is Hunter practicing as "watch dog" for the twins. He is going to be one clingy dog!

Jeremy was all giddy last night bc he felt the babies move non-stop. He actually woke me up at 1am to tell me they were moving and asked how I can sleep w/ all that movement going on. He told me they were playing soccer in there. He was so excited and probably held his hand there for about 30 min. Even though he woke me up, he was so darn cute about it all.

Other Jeremy news, he had a job interview for a managment position and he did really well. They are going to have him come back for a 2nd interview with the district GM. Go Jeremy!


Julie said...

So exciting. You look great! The nursery looks like it is coming along nicely, and I'm so excited for Jeremy! Keep us posted! :)

Alanna said...

Wow, aside from your belly, you are still so thin! You look great!!! I love the nursery. These are some lucky boys!!!

iambellaluna said...

^I was thinking the same thing! You look fantastic. Cute hair too! :)

Plus I love the nursery so far. That bedding is adorable with the little elephants. Oh I can't wait to see a picture of them in those cribs lookin' all cute!

Jennifer said...

You look FANTASTIC!! The nursery is looking good too!