Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jalen and Landon graduated...

From the NICU! Yesterday we had their 14 mos adjusted age development tests. Their corrected age is 16 mos, but were being tested at 14 mos. That is how old they should have been if born at full term. The therapists tested their gross, motor, language, social/emotional, and mental developments. Landon and Jalen are right where they need to be. They actually scored in the 16-18mos range for all developments. I even learned some skills that they can do that I had no idea they can. For instance, their was a baby doll and the therapists would ask to feed the baby. They both grabbed the spoon out of the other objects on the table and "fed" the baby. The therapist also said "comb the baby's hair." They picked out the comb from all the objects and then proceeded to comb the hair. Jalen even comb his hair too. :-) We do not have any baby dolls in our house since I have all boys, but I am thinking about getting one. They loved touching the body parts and saying what they were. There is no problem with boys having dolls!

I was happy that Landon and Jalen both cooperated since they only had a 20 min nap all day. Their sppointment was during nap time. We were there for 2 hours! My mom stayed in the room while I took one to do the testing. My mom was a champ and stayed in that room for 2 hours! She is a great help when it comes to the boys!

This appointment had to be overwhelming for them. They had to do puzzles, point to objects, climb stairs, walk backwards, stand on one foot, walk on a straight path, put coins in a piggy bank, color, find objects, throw and kick a ball, do gestures, stack blocks, put in was making me exhausted. :-) I am just happy they were able to do everything and we do not have to go back! I did find it weird that they asked about potty training and if they knew what to do. They are only 16 mos. I told them we just bought a seat, but have not even tried and won't until 18 mos. I told them that they did know you sit on it since they proceeded to do that when I placed it in the bathroom.

So that was our day yesterday. :-)

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