Thursday, December 3, 2009

Teething and ear infections

Both boys are teething hard core and they have ear infections on top of that. I think a tooth is going to cut anytime now from either of them. It seems like they have been teething for a while now. Especially Landon with his drooling and having his fingers always in his mouth. I can feel the bumps on their gums. I can say that all Jalen and Landon wants for Christmas is their two front teeth. :-) On top of all the "teething symtoms" they started to pull on their ears. This gave me the sign that this is not all teething and may have an ear infection. Took them to the doctor and sure enough...Jalen has a right ear infection and Landon has a double. Poor guys. I have been snuggling with both of them. There are times during the day when they are themselves, but then there are times they feel and look miserable.

I hope my little guys feel better soon.

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