Thursday, September 24, 2009

You will always be remembered Skye!

Last Sunday, my mom had to make the unfathomable decision that it was time to put our beloved 15 year Shepard beagle mix, Skye to rest. She had a very bad heart and high blood pressure. Skye was a great dog and very much loved. Skye was our first family dog after many numerous attempts convincing my dad allowing us to have a dog and taking care of a few strays that came to our door. I was 10 years old when we brought Skye home. We named her Skye because of her husky blue eyes. I remember the first night we brought our puppy home. My brother, sister, and I were so excited to finally get a dog and wanted to stay up all night playing with her. Skye was our princess! We bought her matching pink collar and leash. She loved taking walks around the neighborhood. Skye acted like any other puppy with chewing on base boards in the house, stuffed animals, digging holes, and etc. My dad would always get upset with Skye digging in his flower bed. It did not take Skye long to be house trained. She was always happy and energetic! I miss going over to my parents and her not greeting me at the door. I get sad looking at her corner where she took naps and her not being there.

I will always remember that day when Skye came in from outside one night with something in her mouth. She quickly ran upstairs into my room to what my mom found a huge surprise. In her mouth was a rabbits’ head! Skye was always curious about the world outside. I will miss watching her put her paws on the window sill to watch the cars drive by in the neighborhood, watch the kids playing, and everything else going on. Skye would always bark at strangers though when greeted she always would come up to you and give you a doggy kiss. I will remember how Skye was afraid of huge thunderstorms that went on during the night. She would curl up in bed with me or if I was not home, she would go wake up my mom. My sister took my place after I moved out.

Skye was very spoiled! We made sure she was always happy. My mom would buy her special dog food to put in her regular food. She had 2 big comfy beds. She had one downstairs and one upstairs in my sisters’ room. She received the second one, when she started having a hard time jumping up on the bed. My mom always made sure she was happy. I am going to miss watching her “make” her bed. She would move the pillow top halfway on her bed to make it to her liking. When Skye was a puppy, my mom spoiled her with pigs’ ears. This was her favorite until she was introduced to cheese. Skye would wake up and jolt downstairs if she heard this word. Where ever she was, she would run to the fridge and sit there wanting some cheese. I will always remember playing our game, “If you’re happy and you know it.” I would sing this to her and replace the words clap, shout hooray, stomp your feet, with shake, lay down, and other dog tricks she learned. My sister and brother always laughed at us when we did this, but it was our bonding time and she loved it! I think because at the very end she got a piece of cheese. I will remember laughing at Skye humping peoples’ legs and Hunter. We would always say “Skye you are a girl! Quit that!” I am also going to miss Christmas with her and watching her sniff and try to open her gifts.

Skye was very loving and very protective with us kids. There would be nights that I would not be at home and Skye would whine at my parents’ door waking up my mom. She would bring my mom into my room, jump on my bed to show that I am not home. This did get me in trouble some nights when my mom did not know I was not home yet. I am going to miss sneaking dinner scraps from the table to Skye. I am going to miss sneaking her on the couch cuddling watching TV. Skye was a fan watching movies and TV. She would sit in front of the TV and would just sit there and stare. It always cracked us up when we had movie night and Skye would join. I will always remember Skye running laps around the pool and sunbathing in the summer time. She loved the outdoors and lying in the sun. Even though I hated the haircuts, but I will always remember the haircuts mom gave her because she just knew she felt cooler. I did always enjoy seeing her with a bandana scarf around her neck. My mom always had the pet shop give her haircuts along with cutting her nails. She HATED getting her nails trimmed.

Skye was very friendly and excellent with kids. I am glad Jalen and Landon got to spend some time with Skye before she passed away. I will always remember coming over to pick up the boys and Skye would be lying next to them protecting them.

You were an awesome dog, Skye! We will all miss you. Your friends Hunter and Jackson will meet you in doggy heaven one day and you guys can play like you used to. Even though several days have passed, I still get sad and shed some tears. You were with us for 15 years. I know you are now not suffering any more or no longer in pain. You will never be forgotten Skye! I love you!

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Jennifer said...

Oh no!! I am so sorry to hear about Skye, but your tribute to her was very actually made me tear up! I'm a dog lover :-) I love that Skye would get you into trouble by bringing your parents into your empty bedroom! So funny. She lived a very loved life :)