Monday, September 7, 2009

I have been slacking

Sorry guys! I have heard from some people that a quick video post does not count as an update of the boys. :-) We have been really busy and I am hoping things will slow down now that summer is over. Booo! Though that means it's football season and our household are HUGE football fans. We even caught Landon turning his head to watch the Colts preseason game. The boys are getting so big and I can't believe they are 2 days shy from turning 4 months old. Tomorrow they have their follow-up appointment with the NICU and next week they go see the pedi for the 4 mo. check up. They will get their shots and we will talk about cereal. I am 50/50 if I want to start them on cereal or not. I have read that it is better for the infant to start eating cereal at 6 months old of age. I will ask the pedi and see what he thinks. Obviously they don't need it to sleep through the night, since my breast milk has been doing the tricks. It has been over a month that they been sleeping through the night. Typical bedtime would be 8-9pm and they wont wake up until 6-7:30am. Daddy and I love getting the extra sleep. However, we usually can't nap during the day because they only take a few 20 min power naps.

We love that they are so active now. Both boys have been doing everything together. Both wake/sleep at same time, eat, and learning new tricks. They love playing with their legs and feet. Both are also fascinated with their hands. They love playing with their toys and know how to use them. During tummy time, they will reach for their rattle/toy and bring it towards them. Landon and Jalen are constantly laughing and smiling. There are times that it's hard to feed them because they would rather sit there and smile than eat. I will probably post another blog tomorrow or next day to give the update from the appointment.

Here are some pics

Boys playing

Jalen showing off his babylegs

Jalen in his swing

Landon loves tummy time

Jackson and Landon stops and turn to smile at camera

"Shake...Goodboy Jackson"

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Alanna said...

Yay, they are starting to get chubby!!! I love it!