Friday, January 30, 2009

Week 19

I can't believe I am a week away from being halfway through the pregnancy. Though I know I have less than 20 weeks since I was told that since I am having twins, I most likely will not go past 37 weeks. There is so much stuff to do. I think we have the cribs picked out and we need to order them. I have been looking at bedding pretty much everyday and I have a couple picked out, but I cant make up my mind. Jeremy is not a big help on that part since I hear "whatever you want hunny" This weekend I am going to make him give me some answers! :-) We are also deciding what to name baby #2. The three that we want to choose from are either Landon, Blake, or Trevor.

Babies are now the size of mangos! Last week they measured a little over 7 oz so they are ahead on schedule and good weight. The twins sensory development is exploding! The brain is designating specialized areas for smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch. They say the babies can hear now from the womb. I am sure they are tired of me yelling at the dogs! LOL! They should know ahead of time when Mommy says stop running around the house and leave each other alone, I mean it! I think our labs are testing me. The hair on the scalp is also sprouting and kidneys are continuing to produce urine.

Mommy is feeling great! I had some severe leg cramps earlier in the week. I had them so bad, I could not walk in the morning when I got up. So far this pregnancy has been really nice to me. I hope it stays that way. I posted another baby bump. This was last week at 18 weeks, the day we found out we are expecting twin boys.


BBKiddo said...

Your bump is so cute! And wowza to big boobies! Eat bananas to avoid leg cramps :)

Sarah said...

I am a monkey when it comes to bananas. I would eat about 3-4/day and still were cramped.

Alanna said...

I LOVE your bump! You look adorable, Sarah. :) I can't wait to see the little guys!!!

Jennifer said...

Your bump is adorable!!