Friday, January 23, 2009

BP has went to plural!

Wow! Where do I begin with all of this? Jeremy and I are still in disbelief and shocked, but yet VERY excited! I guess you can say Jeremy has some Varsity swimmers!I will start by telling you how my day went...

Nurse called me yesterday morning from the OBGYN and asked if I can come in for an ultrasound. She explained to me that my Quad Screening test has came back abnormal and my levels came high. Quad test is a test that they draw your blood to check for abnormalities and down syndrome of the baby. My heart about stopped and I began to get worried. She explained that she highly thought that my dates were wrong from my last menstrual cycle. She also through in that there could also be more than one baby in there. I brushed that off to the side since there are no multiples in our family history. I had to sit all day at work wondering if really my dates were wrong. I was almost positive I gave the right dates and this made me worry. Every parent wants a healthy baby.

So, 3:30pm came and Jermey was able to leave work early and meet me there for my ultrasound. We were both nervous sitting in the waiting area and we both knew we would be okay no matter what the nurse finds. Though we were only thinking different due date or baby may have down syndrome. We finally got in and when the nurse begain the ultrasound, we saw right then TWO babies! My first thought was "I know I don't have mirrors in my belly." Jeremy was almost speechless and just said "wow" in disblief. I then said, "well there are not 3 in there" :-) The nurse said we actually took the news a lot better than most of her patients. Baby A was moving all around while Baby B was being calm and sucking on the fingers. She asked if we wanted to find out the sex. Baby A- BOY, Baby B- Boy! We are having twin boys!!! They are not identical and I have two different placenta sacs which is good and easier for me.

I went in the appt thinking I was 17w2d, though Baby A is measuring 18weeks and Baby B was 17w5d. She moved up my due date from June 30th to June 25th, however twins typically do not make the whole 40wk term. She said most likely I would deliver at 37 weeks which brings me to end of May/early June. Though I will have to have my legs cross tight if it's between May 31st-June6th because mom and sister will be in Cancun.

There is so much more that we need to do to prepare for twins. It will be fun, but I know stressful at the same time. Right now we are back to square one with the names since we only had one picked out. One of the boys will be named Jalen Lee. Lee is a family name on both sides of the family. Last night Jeremy suggested for baby #2 to use my father's middle name which is Ross. All morning today we have been texting names and we have a good list going on. I have posted a poll and want to know your favorite pick. Even though, if one name beats the other, that does not mean we will pick that name. :-)

Below are ultrasound pics. I have a profile show of Baby A and a face shot of Baby B.


BBKiddo said...

OMG!!!!! Well double congrats then! Holy crow. I was wondering why your heartbeat numbers were so different from your two appiontments. Mine had stayed the same. Maybe one time you heard baby A and the next time baby B? Wow. Your babies are going to have so much fun being twin brothers! What did Jordan say?

Alanna said...

You need to change your "About Me" to say that you are expecting TWO babies! :)

Sarah said...

BB- Jordan is so excited. He actually called it and said theres more than one in my tummy.