Tuesday, January 20, 2009

BP has turned 17 weeks today!

BP is now the size of an onion. I never thought onions were cute, but this week I do. BP is now about 5 inches and 5 oz. Baby is now forming fat to keep warm and the skeleton is changing from soft cartilage to bone. The umbilical cord is growing stronger and thicker. Baby's sweat glands are also developing.

I am feeling fantastic! No complaints here. In 2 weeks we will find out if we have an Aubrey Jane or Jalen Lee. Jordan made the comment the other day that there may be 5 babies in me. I think not! We only heard one heartbeat. He says this bc my belly has popped out and I am bigger since the last time he saw me. When I was at my appointment last week, Dr. said my weight is where it needs to be and I am doing well. Average weight gain from conception to 17 weeks is about 5-10lbs. I have gained 7. :-) My sister thinks she is funny with her little remarks, but I keep telling her that this belly is getting bigger and she will have her turn in 10 years. Jeremy is enjoying the whole bigger boobs part, mom loves watching my belly grow, and dad just makes the "you can tell your pregnant comments!" Nothing else is new to update. Jeremy and I are now really looking into nursery furniture and reading reviews on items for future purchasing.

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