Thursday, January 15, 2009

16 weeks

BP is now the size of an avocado! Baby is about 4 1/2 in long and 3 1/2 oz. Legs are now more developed and the eyes have moved closer to the front of BB's head. BP has started to grow toenails and he/she can now hear my voice! The last few days I have really felt the baby move and it is such an amazing feeling. Though, we cant feel any kicks from the outside, but the doctor told me yesteday that we should in about 3-4 weeks. Yesterday was my 16th week appt and everything went well. BP's heartbeat was 144bpm. Dr. had to keep moving the dopler around to follow the heartbeat bc baby was being very active in there. We go back in 3 weeks for our BIG ultrasound and we get to finally find out the sex. February 3rd is the date so mark your calendars! Jeremy and I are excited that we can finally call BP either the girl or boy name we have picked out. Plus we want to start thinking about the nursery. Right now I have been looking at both gender's and it is so overwhelming! So many cute bedding! We have a few picked out and some ideas out there. When we do the nursery we will probably paint Jordan's room too so he can feel special and feel like he gets a "new" room as well.

I hope everyone is staying warm. Jordan's school got cancelled today because of the cold weather. He gets to hang out with me at work, which he loves to do. I have posted a belly pic below as promised.


Julie said...

Yay for a little baby bump!! :D

BBKiddo said...

Aren't the kicks awesome! I love your little bump pic :) I'm so excited to find out if you are having a boy or a girl! *squeal!* So fun.

Sarah said...

We could have found out yesterday from you BB, but you have patience and wanting the surprise :-)