Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Today the boys celebrated their first Easter. The weather was beautiful and everyone had a good day. Jeremy took us out for breakfast and then we headed to the Easter egg hunt. Jordan had a blast. Where we went they block off sections for age groups. This is nice so the little ones are not being trampled over the big kids. Jordan was suppose to be in the 5,6,7 age group since he is 7. However, he thinks himself as an 8 yr old since his birthday is next month. Plus he wanted more of a challenge to find the eggs. He did not like how his age group had the eggs all in the open. Here he is getting ready. (He was too cool to carry a basket :))

Sorry this one is blurry

After the egg hunt, we headed home so the boys can get their much needed nap. Jeremy and I cleaned out the garage until it was time to leave for Grandma and Grandpas. We had a yummy dinner and the boys enjoyed eating fresh sweet potatoes. Here are some more pictures from today.

Landon with his bunny ears

Jalen with his bunny ears that never really stayed on.

Boys playing nicely with their puzzle.

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