Friday, July 24, 2009

Sumer=busy busy busy

This summer so far has been super busy! It is hard to keep up some of these days. The boys survived their trip to Chicago and are getting ready for another road trip this weekend. We are going to French Lick, Indiana. We are going to stay there bc my mom gets her condo for free through work and I am going to take Jordan to Holiday World. Mom will watch the boys for the day, so I can take Jordan. Jordan deserves a nice little break. He has been a HUGE help with the babies and a great helper at my parents when my mom watches them during the day when I am at work.

Landon and Jalen are doing wonderful! They keep getting bigger and bigger. The other day we had Indiana First Steps come to the house to evaluate the boys. This is when they would send 2 therapists to work with the boys on their skills. They are both where they need to be when it came to their skills with their adjusted age and even more advanced. The adjusted age is when they go by their first initial due date. This program likes to come to the homes of parents with babies who were born premature. Since they were where they need to be, there is no follow-up appointment needed, however if we are worried about something they will come to house until the boys are three years old. Jalen and Landon were both being show offs. :-) They were really happy what they saw from the boys.

Here are a fews pics that I took of them in the last couple of weeks
Skye is our watch dog and grandma and grandpas

Jalen likes playing with Hunter

"Rock on for turning 2 months!"

"I don't know if I am as excited as you, Landon"

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Jennifer said...

I LOVE the family picture in your header!! Horray for the boys growing nice and strong!