Saturday, May 30, 2009

Three weeks old!

My boys are 3 weeks today! They are getting bigger and bigger each day. Landon has hit 5 lbs and Jalen is just a few ounces away from him. They have pretty much out grown the preemie outfits with feet because of their length. We have received news from the Dr that they are going to try and push for next week for them to come home!!! We are excited and anxious to get them home, but we don’t want to get our hopes up too high and be disappointed. They have been moved in the NICU where they keep the more stable babies and the ones who are getting ready to be sent home. I asked the nurse if the real reason why they are on the other side is because of their gas they didn’t want a stinky nurse’s station anymore. Landon and Jalen have been showing to mommy and daddy that they are true boys!

Everything has been going well with all of us. Every day we are spending a few hours at NICU to do their feedings and diaper changes. They have their checks every 3 hours. Jordan just celebrated his 7th birthday and he has been busy with baseball. The last few weeks he has been playing 3 games in a row because of make-up games. Next week it should all go back to normal and only have 2 games. My little sister has graduated from High School and right now, her and my mom is on a plane heading to Cancun for her graduation present. I could use a nice vacation right now. Jeremy and I are going to make little trips out this summer though. There are a lot of people who want to meet the babies, so we are going to travel to Chicago and Tennessee to show them off. For home, I think we are going to have a “meet the babies” bbq since there are so many friends/family who wants to see them. I think it would be much easier for us instead of having someone over everyday for a couple of weeks. Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend and enjoying the spring/summer weather! Below are some pics I took yesterday of the boys.




Julie said...

They are absolutely precious!

Jennifer said...

They are so adorable! They'll be home before you know it :)