Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Everything is going so well...

Both Landon and Jalen are doing so well! We visit them in NICU every day, few times a day for a couple of hours. I always hate leaving them. We have started on feedings and now we just see if they can manage the whole breath, suck, swallow with no problems. They both have latched on and done really well. In order for them to come home, one of the things they must be able to do is take all 8 feedings. They have started with one and then they will try 2, 3, and so on. They should also be out of their incubators and be placed in a crib any day now. The nurses are so surprised how well they both have been doing and believe they will be home before their due date. We can't wait to take them home! I have been on their feeding schedules here at home since I pump every 2-3 hours. It is very exhausting at night, but all I do is think about them and being tired is the last thing on my mind. I hope I can keep everything up when they are home. I think I am going to buy this nursing pillow for them, since I have heard so much about it and how much of a huge help it has been to other moms with multiples.

After delivery, I was having blood pressure problems and they ended up putting me on medication. I went in today for a check-up and everything is looking good. Though, the nurse wants me to still take the meds until I come back for my 6 week appointment. It has been a week and a half and I have already lost 22 lbs. I am hoping to be back to my normal weight soon, though right now I have to maintain more calories since I am breastfeeding. They say to wait after 6 weeks to start exercising and dieting after delivering.

Congratulations to my sister for graduating HS! And an early Happy Birthday to Jordan! He is turning 7 tomorrow!!!

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Julie said...

I'm glad the twins are doing so well, and mommy too!

Happy birthday to Jordan! :D