Friday, February 20, 2009

Week 22

The twins are the size of a papaya! Their eyelids and eyebrows are developed along with visible fingernails. Yesterday was my Dr's appointment and I had many questions. This was the first time I saw my OB after finding out we are expecting twins. He told me that his goal was for me to carry to atleast 35 weeks. He is not as worried about pre-term with me right now bc I am so tall and that is a good thing for a mother carrying multiples. Since I have an ultrasound scheduled every 4 weeks now, we will know more as it gets closer. Monday I get to go in for my 2nd u/s and I can't wait to see the boys!

Dr. said I am gaining the weight that I need to and suggested for me not to gain over 45lbs. I have already seen a number on the scale that I have never seen in my entire life! I asked the doctor about bedrest and he suggests to his patients around 30-32 weeks, but this also determines on future exams of the cervix and u/s. He did write me out a prescription for more folic acid since I am having twins.

Some more exciting news, Jeremy and I have registered at Babies R US and will likely make one for Target. I have picked out paint samples for the nursery so hopefully Jeremy and I decide on a color this weekend and start painting. After we paint, we will take the cribs out and set them up! Setting up the nursery is the fun stuff and I can't wait to get it started!

Look for ultrasound pics on Monday! :-)

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