Thursday, February 12, 2009

Week 21

Time is flying by and I can't believe our family will be grown in 3-4 months! Babies are growing faster in the second half the pregnancy. I received this book that I ordered in the mail and it has great advice and info about multiples and pregnancy. Mulitples actually develop slightly faster than singletons do. Their lungs are actually ready sooner. This is a reason why mulitples typically do not pass the 37th week, bc typically after 34 weeks the growth rate starts to slow down. In other news about the BP's, their hair and eyebrows are now visible and taste buds are working! I hope they like what mommy is eating and enjoying all the food since I have to eat a lot more now. Carrying twins, it is recommended to gain 40-56lbs! The size of my belly typically looks like a singleton mom carrying at 30 weeks.

Here is a pic of what the twins may look like in my womb.

Mommy is still feeling great other than some of the aches in lower back and swollen ankles. I try to rest when I am at home and have them propped up on the couch. I get comfy when I am at home watching American Idol and Hells Kitchen during the week. Hope everyone has a good V-Day! I think Jeremy, Jordan, and I are just going to order a pizza and watch some movies. Maybe this weekend we can build the cribs. :-)


Alanna said...

Adorable. :) I get a big smile on my face everytime I read your posts and think about you having twins! :)

Jennifer said...

I'm glad to hear you're feeling well! Don't you love seeing those twin pics?! They're the best :-)

April said...

Great blog, Sarah! You and Jeremy are so cute together- you're going to have some gorgeous baby boys!