Saturday, October 9, 2010

17 months!

Time needs to slow down! These months are going too fast for me. I can not believe we are already in October. When the days go by, they are making my kids gets older. It is hard to believe that they are a month shy from 18 months. We are almost to the half way point of having TWO two year olds! Their 16th month was exciting and they have learned so much.

Landon- He is the TALKER! He loves to pretend he is on the phone and has conversations. They even end with a "bye bye" at the end. He loves to read books too. He is always sitting there content with a book talking and pointing. His vocabulary has grown with a few new words too. His recent new words from the last few months are... bye bye, night night, all gone, eye, butt, Jackson (dog, but more like Jack ehn), boo, juju (for aunt julie), and a couple more. There are words that he says too that I have no idea what they mean, but I am sure I will soon.

Jalen- He is does more expressive and point than talk with words. He babbles a lot and will point and try to say words to communicate. He is really good at following directions. Except when mommy tells him NO. He only listens to daddy for that. He can associate about 40 words and knows what it means.

They are both showing wanting to be more independent. The other day, they both insisted to put on their own shoes. This took a while and eventually mommy had to help. :-) They are wanting to use the fork/spoon more often too. Jalen has 12 teeth and both top and bottom molars are in. Landon has 10 teeth and only top molars are in. The bottoms are almost through.

I want to start weaning off the pacifier, but it is going to take some commitment from daddy. We will see how it goes. I want to start slow and only offer for naps and bedtime.

Jordan starts his football playoffs tonight!

Pictures to come soon! :-)

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