Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Holiday World

This was the first year Jalen and Landon got to enjoy Holiday World and actually ride the fun rides! Last year they were only 3 months old and stayed back with Grandma at the resort. They had SO much fun going this year. They got to ride the real rides like big boys too and walk around the kiddie area at the water park. They LOVED the splash park section there. Jalen's favorite thing were the water guns and Landon enjoyed the water sprouts. We spent most of the day at the water park because it was HOT outside. The sun was blazing with the heat index it ended up being about 110 degrees!

I love Holiday World! The park is clean, free sunscreen, free unlimited soft drinks, free parking, and cheap and yummy food. Here are some pics from yesterday.

Boys eating some snacks at the water park.

Landon LOVED this ride. When the ride stopped, he kept bouncing up and down wanting to go again.
Jordan teasing Landon with an Oreo. Landon got what he wanted and ate the cookie.
Jalen playing with his "friends" at the splash park

Jalen and Landon playing. This splash park area was so nice and was not as crowded as the other parts of the water park.

Landon playing with the water sprout.Jalen playing

Jordan proving once again that he needs a hair cut, but he does not want to.


Next year the boys will be a little over two and will get to enjoy more of the water park and rides. They will get to ride the kid roller coasters! :-)


Pyjammy Pam said...

Wait, is this in Santa Claus, IN? If so, my aunt and uncle live there, and I went when I was about five years old, way back when it was called Santa Claus Land. :D So funny!

(If not, disregard. :D)

Sarah said...

YES! It did used to be called Santa Claus Land! :-)