Thursday, March 25, 2010

"We want a playroom, Mom!"

I have a project and I am hoping to get it done ASAP! I am going to turn our dining room into a playroom. Right now it is being used as Jeremy's "poker" room, but I think a playroom is a better idea. The thing I am having trouble with is finding a large enough gate to fit from wall to wall. It is one big square. I am thinking if maybe one of those play yard gates will work and just line them up straight. I will make this happen. The boys need a large space they can play in and I don't have to keep blocking off the kitchen like I am to try and keep them away from the dog food and water bowl. Below are some pictures doing what they love to do.

Reading "Brown Bear"

Playing with Elmo...Landon LOVES this toy!

Eating bones...I can't keep Jalen away.

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