Friday, June 19, 2009

It's been almost 3 weeks...

Since the boys have came home from NICU. They have been doing great and so has mommy and daddy. It only took a few days to get a routine going and so far so good. We can say that we have really good babies. Landon and Jalen hardly ever fuss and when they are awake they are so content and just look around and smile. The only time we hear then fuss would be because they are hungry or they have gas. We have all learned that some of their faces where we would think they are working on a poopy diaper is just them passing gas.

Since they have been home, they have been to several outings. They have visited grandma and grandpa, watch Jordan play baseball, go see grandma at hospital, and other small errands. Jordan has been a tremendously help around the house when Jeremy is gone at work. He loves his baby brothers and loves to be their big brother. I love watching Jordan interact with his brothers. Today we went to the library and he picked up some special books just for his brothers.

Next weekend, they are going to meet a lot of family who have been dying to meet them since they were born. My sisters graduation party is next weekend so we are having lots of family from Chicago visit and then we will be going to Chicago in July to see family who were not able to see them next Saturday. Landon and Jalen has a huge family who love them very much! I know their Great-Grandma is so excited to finally get to hold them next week.

Jordans baseball season is over and it was a huge downer to loose to the number 2 seeded team by only 1 point. Their team was leading until the other team came up ahead at the 6th inning and came for the win. J's team (Marlins) did keep the other team from scoring and having the lowest score all season long. This team would have atleast 20 runs every game and have won 13 games in a row. The score of J's game was 10-11. Tomorrow the league is having a picnic and J will receive his trophy, baseball with season stats, and team photo.

A blog entry would not be the same without some pics...I do need to upload J's playoff pics and others and those I will post later.

This is how Jackson likes to sleep. he is such a puppy

Jalen has enough hair for a mohawk

Landon yawning

Jalen's funny face

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Julie said...

I can't believe it's already been that long! I'm glad things are going well. :)

Also, the funny face... is hilarious.