Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy 1 month birthday!

I can't believe Jalen and Landon are a month old! Time has flown by fast! Yesterday was their first pediatrician appointment and it all went well. I can't believe how much they have grown since we left the NICU a week ago. They have both gained 2 lbs and 2 inches since they were born! Landon is now 6lb9oz, 20 inches long and Jalen is 6lb2oz, 19 inches long. They are doing what a typical 1 month old is doing and on track from what the pedi said. Jalen and Landon are actually going to my old pediatrician. He is such a wonderful Dr, I knew he would be perfect for my boys. Feedings became a topic because I wanted to address him my concerns about waking them up. The NICU wanted us to stay on their schedule, meaning every 3 hours on the same time intervals they were using. However, Landon was waking up earlier showing signs of hunger and in the NICU they always fed Jalen first and Landon 30 min later. When we have to wake the boys up, the feedings take twice as much time because they dont have the same energy to eat well when they are awake. Pedi gave us the okay to feed when they are wanting to eat. If they sleep through the night, then its okay. He said now that they are pass 6lbs its no biggie.

It's only been a month since they have been born and we can already see some of the personalities each of them have. I can't wait until they get a little older and we can really see what traits they have and the interaction they will have with each other. As always... here are some pics. Grandma- Here they are wearing the shorts you got for them. :-) I think Jalen is singing happy birthday to Landon, but he looks like he's not a fan.

I thought this photo of Landon was funny! ROARRR!

Boys resting on Mommy


Julie said...

Adorable! Glad all is well! :)

Alanna said...

They are really growing! They are starting to look more like boys now. I'm loving the personality pics! :)