Monday, December 22, 2008

An amazing experience!

This past Friday we got to hear the heartbeat for the first time! It was an amazing feeling and sound! I got teary eyed, Jeremy was glad there was only one heartbeat in there, and Jordan said the baby's hb sounded like cowboys were whipping and shooting. The heartbeat was 170bpm! Signs of a girl? After this appointment lead some interesting/curious questions from Jordan. Jeremy and I were able to answer some of them, but some however we had to tell him he will learn more about the human body when he gets older in school. He is very excited about the baby! Jeremy and I were talking how next year for Christmas, there will be a 5-6 month old baby in our hands. I love that feeling!

So other news about the Dr. appointment. He said everything looks good and on track. I only gained 1lb throughout the whole 12 weeks and everything else is normal when it came to my blood tests and urine samples. How they do the urine sample now is a lot different from what they did when my mom had kids. Now we just pee on a stick that has about 4 different colors on them, show them to the nurse, she looks and then has me throw it away. I know a lot of things have changed for expecting moms now than then.

I will be posting some belly pics up soon. There is not much to see, but Jeremy and my mom can see the difference. I cant wait until I have the cute little baby "bump" and really get noticed. Though, I know that feeling will only last a little bit until I start complaining of back pains and legs being kicked in my rib cage and so on.

I am 12w6d today! I will officially be in 2nd trimester Friday when I am 13w3d pregnant. Happy Holidays to everyone!


Julie said...

That is so exciting! I'm glad that the baby is healthy, and you are too! :)

BBKiddo said...

170 wow! That is so cool that Jordan comes with you to appointments :) I can't wait to see some belly pics!