Thursday, September 15, 2011

28 months!

Well 28 months last week! I have been a major slacker and I apologize! It has been crazy around the house and work schedules. This month is going by too quickly! I can not believe Jalen and Landon are just 2 months shy from being 2 and a half! It is so crazy to me how fast they are growing. They are growing into little boys and it breaks my heart. The only thing I want to move quickly are the 2 year molars and the hitting/pushing! They do more hitting/pushing with each other than anything. All day I hear "No! My mommy!" "No! That is MY milk!" "NO! Go away!" Along with the shoving. I find myself all day repeating myself and teaching them that is not nice and putting them in time outs for hitting. Landon likes to mock me. His favorite thing to do randomly and he thinks he is being funny by saying "Noooooo" really loud followed by "no pushing." Oh and Landon thinks if he says please to anything, he will get it. Sorry sweetie, but you are not having a cookie before breakfast. The joys of toddlerhood.

Even when there are times when they stress me out, it all changes by the cuddles, singing, dancing, and just saying sweet things. They are talking more and more with sentences and it is so nice to have a back and forth convo. I can ask them what they did today and I get an answer. Both can walk up and down the stairs with out holding onto the wall or rail. They love eating cereal and then drinking the milk from the bowl. Jalen likes to read through a book or magazine while eating because daddy does it. haha.

They are wearing 2T and 3T. Jalen is wearing a size 9 in shoes and Landon an 8 1/2. They sure are my growing boys. You can tell they are growing because all they want to do it eat! Jalen likes to dress himself and pick out his and Landon's clothes. They are both independent and will say "no help." If they need help they will ask. Sometimes, I have to interfere because I do not have the time to stand there when they try to put on their shoes.

Jalen is already a pro when it comes to recognizing his left from his right. When in the car, he will say "turn right to grandma's" or "go straight to Target" Yes both of my boys get excited to go to Target. Landon will wake up in the morning asking to go to Target. He gets excited if he sees a Target from the back seat. Momma taught them well.

It is running late and I am sleepy. I will post some pics here sometime this weekend.

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