Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lots of updates!

Whew what a week it has been! Jalen and Landon turned one on Mother's Day and they are showing true signs of toddlerhood. :-) Even though they were born 6 weeks early they are growing and developing right with the one year olds. Last week they had their 12 month well care visit. They were not huge fans because there were 3 shots involved. It made me sad looking at them cry. It only lasted 3.5 seconds, but it seemed long. Jalen is 22 lbs and 30 inches. Landon is 19.8 lbs and 30.5 inches. They are loving all the new foods they have been introduced too. It is so much easier when they have teeth. Landon still only has 2 bottom teeth, but the upper gums are swollen. Jalen has 2 bottom and then 2 on top. He looks funny since the top middle teeth are not there and looks like he has one big gap. I did not even know these teeth were in until last week until I felt them/saw them. He has not shown any signs of teething unlike his brother who is fussy.

Landon and Jalen had a wonderful birthday party. They are blessed to have a huge amount of love from family and friends. No wonder they are always smiling and happy. Landon is still obsessed with eggs and he loves saying dog too. They are not walking yet, but are standing with out support and crusing furniture, walls, toys, and anything else they can hold on to. Here are some pictures. My posts have not been that long because I am working for the Census Bureau and I do not get home until late. Staying home all day with the boys and then working in the evening is making me tired. :-)



Landon was not a fan at first. I think he was too tired.

Jalen enjoying his cake. :-)

Birthday Party...You can see Landon enjoyed his cake this time.
All 3 of my boys!
I think Landon was pointing at Daddy for "he did it"


Mary Beth said...

They're getting so big! So handsome :)

Jennifer said...

They are so, so adorable! I'm happy to hear their first birthday party went well - what a nice Mothers Day for you too :) I love the cake pictures - can't wait to do it ourselves!

Take it easy - I consider you working all day long! Boys during the day then off to the CB at night! You go, mom!