Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I have time!!!

To blog update! It has been a crazy few weeks! Everyone is doing well. Jalen and Landon are getting so big! It makes me sad how fast they are growing. They are smiling more and more and cooing a lot more too. I always crack up when they have their random giggles outburts. It always melts my heart when I get them in the morning or pick them up after work and both boys will give me a huge smile seeing me. Jeremy and I are getting a lot more sleep now since the boys have been sleeping through the night for 3 weeks now. On average they would go to bed around 9pm and won't wake up until 6-7am. There have been some mornings they have slept in longer.
Last week Jalen had laser surgery done on two of his hemangiomas. We took him to a dermatology specialist to get them treated. The pediatrician was not concerned about Landon's or the others on Jalen, but wanted the one on his forehead and behind his ear treated. Jalen was a good sport! He did not cry at all and was so contemp laying in the chair and having a Dr, 3 med students and mommy watcihng over him and holding him down.

Here are some pics...

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